Wireless Enabling for Students Devices at MAC

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This page outlines the procedure for joining the wireless network here at Mount Aspiring College.

Firstly, there are four parameters that have to be met before access to the wireless network here at MAC can be granted.

  • You must be the owner of the device you wish to connect.

  • Ensure the machine you want to use is wireless enabled and in working order.Look for a symbol or a button like the one shown as a graphic (it varies slightly from model to model but enabling wireless normally starts by pushing the button so that a coloured light shows).  It is require that you have your WiFi set to obtain an IP address and DNS settings automatically rather than be user defined. 

  • You must have an accepted Anti-Virus (AV) programme installed, running, updated and with a current (non trial) license to run until December 2012. The programme must also be set to automatically scan and update at least weekly.

    For Windows users a list of accepted software is at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/49500
    Mac users also MUST have current and working AV. If you do not carry a programme and a license the college recommends the free software iAntiVirus.

    If you do not have Anti-Virus installed, working and updated, you will not be given network access.

  • The Windows machine operating system must be at least XP Service Pack 3 and the Macintosh laptop must be OS X.

Once you have all of the above collect the form 'Connection to the MAC Network' from the office and fill it out. It will ask you specific questions about your machine and you will be expected to know and understand a few fundamentals about your operating system and your anti virus package.

Once you have completed the form present it to Denise Bruns (Head of ICT - normally based in Room 5) along with your laptop for a brief inspection.

Once that procedure is complete you will be able to join the network but you will NOT be able to access the internet until the proxy settings of either your machine or your web browser has been set to correspond with the college system. 


How to Change Web Browser Proxy Settings

Detailed information for adjusting your Proxy Settings are on the following page of our website:


Follow the instructions for your appropriate web browser. You will need the proxy settings here at MAC which are the following:

New Proxy Address:

Port: 3182

Old Proxy Address:

Port: 3128

Proxy exceptions are: 10.*; 172.*; enjoy.mtaspiring.school.nz

Examples of Internet Explorer and OS X are shown in these images.


When you restart your browser you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your school computer logon username and password.

You are now all done. Enjoy!

Connect to Skype

Should you wish to connect to Skype (to make video calls from your laptops) from within the school network you can follow the following instructions:


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