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Are You Interested In Working At Mount Aspiring College?

Teaching Positions

All teaching positions at Mount Aspiring College are advertised in the Education Gazette. This can be accessed online at .  We have the current vacancies:

(1) Year 7 Home Room Teacher  Permanent full-time; 
(2) Year 8 Home Room Teacher Fixed term for 2015 school year, .8 position; 
(3) Y9-13 English Teacher Permanent full-time;
(4) Y9-13 Maths Teacher including Y13 Statistics, Permanent, full-time;
(5) Y9-13 Social Sciences Teacher including Geography and/or History, Permanent full-time;
(6) Y8-12 Maths Teacher Fixed term for the 2015 year, full-time;
(7) Y9-11 Science and Senior Biology Teacher Fixed term for the 2015 school year (maternity leave) full-time

All positions beginning Term One 2015.

Applications close 4pm, Tuesday 28 October. Position and application details can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, or on request from the Principal’s EO; ph (03) 4430499; email .

Support Staff Positions

There are currently no support staff vacancies.


General Enquiries

We receive many expressions of interest and unsolicited curriculum vitaes each year. The following information may be helpful.

Applying From Overseas

We are fortunate in that we usually receive a good field of applications for any positions advertised. If you are seeking to emigrate to New Zealand and wish to obtain a teaching position prior to travel, you may be advised to look in areas where there is a real shortage of teachers, such as many rural areas and some of the lower decile city schools.

Here are some websites that may be useful to you:– for general advice about gaining a teaching job in NZ– to find out about registering as a teacher in NZ– to apply for an assessment of your overseas qualifications and to learn about the NZ qualifications system

If you are planning to move to Wanaka anyway, and you have secondary teaching qualifications, we would be interested in meeting you and holding your CV on file.

Relief Teaching

We have a fairly stable pool of relief teachers although we are always interested in meeting new teachers who have moved to the area and are looking for relief work. You do need NZ teacher registration if you wish to work for more than ten days as a relief teacher.  It is unlikely that we would have enough relief work to rely on this as your primary source of income.

Outdoor Pursuit Tutors

Our outdoor programme is staffed in the main by qualified teachers with a specialism in outdoor pursuits.

We also employ Outdoor Pursuit Tutors, particularly with qualifications in Rock or Kayak, who work with the teachers during afternoon practical sessions during Terms One and Two, and for a few weeks during Term Four. These are part-time, casual positions only and could not be relied on as a primary source of income.

If you are living in Wanaka and have relevant industry qualifications we would be interested in hearing from you.

Support Staff Positions

Support staff positions are generally only advertised locally and on this website. If you live in Wanaka or are planning to move here, and have had experience in a support role in a school, you are welcome to send your CV to for us to keep on file.

We are particularly interested in hearing from qualified or experienced Teacher Aides living locally as vacancies arise regularly and sometimes at short notice.

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